Sick Visits

During the first office visit, your doctor will assess your baby in a variety of ways. The first office visit will differ between doctors, however, you can expect measurement of weight, length, and head circumference to assess how your baby's been doing since birth observation of your newborn's vision, hearing, and reflexes a total physical examination to check for any abnormalities of the body or organ function questions about how you are doing with the new baby and how your baby is eating and sleeping advice on what you can expect in the coming month.

The 'chief complaint' or main reason that your brought your child to the doctor, which can include something you have been giving your child, including prescription, over-the-counter, herbal remedies, etc. Including some details about whether these treatments have made your child's symptoms better or worse can also be helpful.


   ► Allergies

   ► Asthma

  ► Bedwetting

  ► Colic

  ► Conjunctivitis

  ► Constipation

  ► Diaper Rash

  ► Earache

  ► Eczema

  ► Head Lice

  The Common Cold


  ► What is a fever?