Lower Elementary

By now you hope they have some personal safety skills ingrained in them, and not too many stitches. Education and supervision of more complex tasks are increasingly important. They should be in a booster seat, and should be reminding you to buckle your seat belt. They will call you on safety violations; now is not the time to tell them it's OK for you to violate a safety rule but not them. They watch you like a hawk and will model your behavior. Choose wisely what you demonstrate to them, and how you do it.
This age child may do something unsafe out of ignorance, but is not known as "risk taking behavior".

• Watch them around power equipment
and household appliances.

• Teach them respect for electricity,
flammables and poisons.

• Demonstrate good safety equipment
use and precautions in the yard, shed,
and garage as well as indoors.

• Give them measured responsibility for
small jobs, and cleaning up afterward.