Colic starts at about 1-3 weeks of age
and lasts for 2-3 months.

Colic is excessive, unexplainable crying
in the young baby. The crying usually
occurs in the evening and lasts 2-3
hours. The rest of the time the baby
acts just fine.

The cause of colic is not known, some
authorities believe colic is due to overload
of the babies immature nervous system
by normal environmental stimuli. Other
may blame the babies' gastrointestinal
tract. Treatments of changing formula,
supplementing breast milk with formula,
using over the counter gas medications
do not make a difference. A baby with
a milk protein allergy usually has vomiting
and diarrhea and not colic. Lactose
intolerance is not a disease of childhood
and therefore is not a cause of colic. Gentle
soothing motions like rocking, using a baby swing or walking the baby may help. Swaddling the baby may help although in the beginning the baby may appear unhappy, they will calm down after a few minutes. Using a pacifier may help although some breast fed babies may not take the pacifier from the mother.

Taking care of colicky baby is a two person job. Getting help from friends and family is a good idea. Babies can sense anxiety in the parents and this may make colic worse. Do not stop breast feeding as breast fed babies have lesser colic than formula fed babies. Also there is no such thing as "bad breast milk" or "not enough milk".

No matter what, remember colic is short lived. "This too shall pass!"