Child Wellness


There is a common desire among all
expectant parents that we hear often:
"Nothing else matters; I just want him to be healthy." As a pregnant mother, the best
you can do for your baby is to get good
prenatal care, diet, exercise and rest. And as a parent, it is paramount that you find and establish a relationship with a quality health care provider for your child throughout their
young lives.

At Preferred Pediatrics of Lafayette, we take
the responsibility of caring for your child very seriously. The best possible medical care requires us to know your child and his/her
needs at every stage of growth, and that's
why wellness check-ups are so important. Continuity of care is undeniably critical to providing high-quality health care and
maintaining a more in-depth knowledge of
your child's health needs. We don't seek to
treat only symptoms and sickness; we strive
to have a long-standing relationship for the
health of your family.